To meet the expectations of our clients we created the line of fully safe, natural, mineral make-up products. While caring for your beauty and health we took care of every detail. Our products were created in accordance with the 5 Free formula: parabens, silicones, preservatives, artificial colors and fragrances free.

Our cosmetics are not tested on animals and are vegan and vegetarian  friendly.

Selected, cleaned and micronized in a velvet mineral dust are the heart of LORIGINE cosmetics.

All our formulas are patented and dermatologically tested.  Tested by experts to ensure the safety and health of your skin, and at the same time bring out the natural beauty lying in each of us, securely and as efficiently as possible care even the most delicate skin.

Our research laboratories with the highest accuracy and efficiency achieve the purest forms of minerals used in our cosmetics.

– Mica is a mineral filler. Gives lightness to powders and makes them spread silky. Delicate shine allows for subtle face invigoration and visual smoothing of imperfections.
– Kaolin is one of the most delicate clays, contains many of microelements (mainly silicon, aluminum, iron, magnesium, zinc and calcium) and mineral salts. As a filler in mineral cosmetics is recommended especially for oily and combination skin, with excessive sebum production.
– Silica a mineral substance of natural origin. Silica’s uniquely interesting feature is the ability to diffuse light. It allows to reduce wrinkles and tiny defects of the skin and gives the “soft focus” effect.

– Calcium carbonate commonly existing in nature, it is the main component of many minerals (e.g. calcite) and rocks (all varieties of sedimentary limestone). Intensely absorbs sebum and moisture from the skin. It is used in mineral cosmetics (foundations and powders) for very oily skin.