Lorigine treats make-up as the integral part of woman’s image, highlighting the strength of feminine attributes of beauty.

Lorigine make-up is the essence of modern urban style.

The concept of the brand is based on the use of the internal need of the sense of beauty, which becomes the motivator to search for inspiring experience.
The courage to express yourself manifests in the conscious return to nature.

Founders of the brand are make-up enthusiasts. However, they desire  it does not take on the character of the costume, but becomes an attractive alternative to natural freshness.
Lorigine appreciates the capital of feminine beauty and proposes tempting solutions derived from the forces of nature. For at the source we find what is pure and original. While discovering the secret of the elements we motivate women to fulfill desires.
Using the Magic Power of Minerals we strengthen vitality, build harmony and identify with the heritage of nature.